Chapter Five

Listening to “hands to myself” by Selena Gomez.

More like can’t keep my hands off my ebooks.

The history teacher came into the class to start the lesson where he went off on world war and the after effect it had on us before ending the class with an assignmnt that left everyone groaning.

“Now class i know it the first day of school but the faster we do this, the better it is for all of us. Now you would be assigned into group as i have listed it in this poster am holding, make sure take every neccessary means to learn about the world war, go to museums, theatre and the rest of them but make sure you give me a summary of the world war and it’s consequences. ”The bell rang as soon as he was done with his speech ending the class effectively.

“Class do not forget about the assignment ,the poster would be hung in front of the class and so you know this assignment is to be submitted two weeks later” He said shouting at the crowd of moving students

.Picking up my bag, i walked to the front of the class to see who i was paired with, my eyes scanned the list, stopping at number 15 where my name was written and the name beside it was ‘kian dwayne’ the name sounds familair just like the name in my locket kai, calling out the name put a smile on my lips which was weird again.

Smiling gently, i felt a presence beside me, turning my head to my side i saw that pervert which left me surprised.

“You…. ” I said moving back a little bit. As i watched him i noticed just how hansome he really is, he would put some celebrities to shame, his brows were divinely shaped, his nose high and straight, his lips full and red, then his eyes the most startling black i have ever seen, it was amazing. I noticed that i’ve been gaping at him for like two minute like a fish.

Smiling gently “Hi, am kian you must be krystarr, my partner for the history assignment”

Coming back to myself i answered him quickly “Yes i am ” I said my eyes resting on his ear and noticing the small dot earring on his ears, that was when i noticed his dressing he was wearing a black jean trouser, blue v top and a leather jacket . Also, i noticed a tatoo peeking out from his covered hands completing the bad boy vibe but his character says a different thing like gentle, easygoing, handsome and so on but his appearance says a different thing all together maybe he has a split personality or something.

“Hello can you hear me ” He called out breaking me out from my daydreaming.

“No sorry, please come again”

“can we meet tomorrow after school to talk about the assignment”

“Yes sure”

“Can i have your phone number”

I quicky brought out my phone from my bag and gave it to him.

After saving the number, he said goodbye and left me standing alone in the class, my mouth uneccessary dry, my body aching to hug him and follow him which left me breathless, my chest heaving up and down.

A/N: The plot of the story would be built gradually and as the book goes on you would get a better understanding of the novel.

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