Chapter Six – Fated(Fated#1)

Midnight poppy land on webnovel is super duper interesting (lol).

Trying to navigate my way to the canteen ,I was stopped by a girl who wanted to know if I was a new student.

“Hi,am laura” The girl said smiling at me.

“krystarr” I replied to the girl who was a few inches taller than me ,her hair colour red and beautiful,she looked like a model and had the body of one.

“ Are you heading to the canteen?” laura asked.

“More like trying to find it.” I said smiling tightly as I did not know her.

“Thank God you have me ” Laura said linking her hands with mine before bringing me with her ,giving me a thorough history of the school.
On getting to the canteen I saw a swarm of unknown faces which was alarming. Turning to the side, I heard someone calling my name  which I followed the voice to see a familiar face waving to me.

“Meredith” I called out to her, feeling relieved on seeing her face.

“Excuse me Laura my friend is calling me ” I said smiling widely at her.

“Oh you have a friend in this school”


“Then let’s go together,I would love to know her”.

“okay sure”

When we got to Meredith seat ,she pulled me to her side like a mother hen protecting her chick ,which made me laugh.

“Meredith,this is Laura I met her at the hallway and with her help I was able to locate the canteen”

“Laura , Meredith”

“Hi ” Laura said tucking her hair behind her ear.

“hello” Meredith replied

“come on seat down ” Meredith said tapping at a chair beside her while Laura sat on the other side.


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