Chapter Seven – Fated(Fated#1)

Meredith launched into a monologue on why she didn’t see me in the morning and how we would be together always and how her father’s transfer to this place has made her happy as we would see each other more.

“I really missed you starr”

“I missed you too”

“sorry let me introduce you to the round table”, She said pointing around as she started calling out their names one by one but my attention had drifted the other side of the canteen where my eyes met his ,it was as if the air yielded to our commands as I held my breath ,my eyes wide and bulging until he shifted his gaze then everything went back to normal. I noticed that the people at his table were the loudest ,they laughed loudly at whatever joke they were telling but he seemed lonely , distancing himself from them even though he looked like the king . I don’t really know why I noticed all of these things, for someone who I had only met twice but still I noticed it.
“Starr” Meredith called shaking me out from my thoughts.

“ Yes” I turned to answer her but my eyes couldn’t help but stray back to him ,Meredith followed my gaze and checked out who I was staring at.

“Starr he is off limits” She said frowning.

“why” I asked my face mirroring hers.

“He is not someone who you should be interested in least you have a heartbreak”

“I don’t understand”

“He doesn’t date and seems to hate girls just telling you so that you won’t raise your hope up”

“ Am only intrigued by him,he seems interesting.” I said trying hard to drag my eyes away from him.



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