Chapter Eight – Fated(Fated#1)

Am looking for a really interesting book to read since am through with the ones in my ebook library.

P.s : I was called a novel addict today and I bear the name with pride.🤩😋

The next day after school I got a call from Kian asking for the address of my home to which I directed him too thankfully my mom wasn’t home.

As soon as I heard the doorbell I knew it was him and to ease my nervous heart I straightened my clothes for a few minutes before opening the door.

“krystarr” Kian greeted looking handsome in his black hood and black jeans,seems like he really likes black.

“Hello come in” ,I said opening the door wide and leading him inside.

“Nice house ”He commented his eyes gazing all over the decor.

“thanks,we could make use of the table” I said leading him to the other side of the house where the dining table was.

“No one at home”

“Yes my mom isn’t back from work”

“Okay” He said then everything became silent why the intensity of whatever was going on between us intensified so much that it felt like I couldn’t breathe .

“Ehmmmm,have you read about the world war”He said to my relief making it easy for me to breathe again.

“ I browsed about it a little bit” I said gripping the edge of my green sweater

“Oh okay ,where is your book? let’s get started” he asked smiling gently at me.

“Okay, wait here” I said heading towards the stairs.

Some Hours Later

“Okay we are done for today” Kian said stretching his body.

“Thank God” I said releasing my breath.

Kian looked at me with intensity as if he was studying my face , which filled me with much ache ,my chest tightening due to the sensation. All of a sudden he grabbed my hands ,massaging it ,the tingling sensation spreads out leaving me shocked.

“wow” I gasped

“Okay kyrstarr later” He said letting go of my hands as if he didn’t feel anything.

“Okay bye ” I said after I recovered from the shock.


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