Chapter Ten – Fated(Fated#1)

Some minutes later I was still standing outside my door staring densely at the sky.

“Did you really enjoy his company so much that you are now mesmerized” A voice said beside me

“Hey” I screamed clutching my chest . Turning to the sound of the voice

“You…..” I pointed at him

“What are you doing here”I said gaping at Kian

“Stay away from him”

“Who … , Do you mean luke”

“Can’t you see the danger surrounding him”

“What do you mean”

“Just stay away from him” Kian siad shoving his hands through his hair.

“Why give me a reason .”

“Stay away from him ” He said one more time walking away like a grip reaper it gave me chills.

Why does he want me to stay away from Luke what is his reason. He can’t just say something like that and walk away ,it only made me more curious, Maybe I should sneak around and find out what is going on between both of them, I thought entering into the house.


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