Chapter Eleven – Fated(Fated#1)

I’ve been feeling quite sick of novels😭😭 I hope this feeling doesn’t last forever.

The next day at school Kian acted the same way as if we did not know each other but that ended when he came to talk about the group project.

“Hi kyrstarr” He said smiling and I couldn’t help but smile back even though it hurts alot.

“kian” I called a little bit excited.

“So I was thinking for our final piece for the project,we should go to the museum”

“okay ,am not really familiar with the community,so which one”

“the one next town”

“Oh so like a road trip” I asked my heart beating too fast for my liking.

“Yes a road trip”

“Okay I just need to take permission from my mom”

“This Saturday , I would pick you up from your home. Is eight in the morning okay for you”.

“Yes it is”

“Cool see you later krystarr” Kian said walking out of the class.

I did a little squeal in my head, super excited for the trip I hope my mom agrees.


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