Poem: Mother and Child


So I’ve been messing around with this poem since am feeling a little bit tired of novels which is scary for a novel addict like me. Anyway this poem is for my mom and also all mothers around the world.

In the womb,
You nurtured me, feed me
And brought me into this world.

At One,
I waddled,cried and disturbed you
You stood by me when I took my first step
When I ate my first food
You were the one that fed me
You're all I have.

At Eight,
Now walking
You took care of me
I can't fathom what my life will be without you in it

At Sixteen,
My eyes cleared
That life is not a bed of roses
You showed me how to live in this world

I have learnt a lot from you
I want to be just like you
A beautiful,stong, hardworking,caring,loving,sweet,wise and a virtuous woman
You are my role model
I love you so much

P.s I don’t know about you guys but to me my mom is the most important person in this world and till today she is my number one supporter and adviser. I really don’t know what I would do without her and am grateful 😍😍😍.


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