Chapter Twelve – Fated (Fated#1)

Listening to Give it to you by Julia Michaels


Yeah, I lost my heart in a love fight
But If I had it I would give it to you.

I sat on the passenger seat beside Kian who was driving, feeling very nervous, since the day he mentioned the trip my heart has been beating fast non stop, my mom almost caught me because of the excitement but thankfully she did not. The air was really peaceful as if acknowledging us but it was too quiet .

“Can I switch on the radio”I asked Kian nervously as he hasn’t really said anything to me.

“Yeah ” He answered not looking at me.

I switched on the radio and turned the volume high as they were playing one of my favorites songs by Elle Goulding – love me like you do .Feeling so excited I sang along with her swaying my head , nodding my head and tapping my feet ,I was surprised when Kian joined me in the chorus his voice was very nice . It felt like he was singing to me as he stared straight at me , I couldn’t breathe for a minute everything was so intense somehow I managed to sing along with him , smiling so wide as if I had won a lottery . When the chorus started again I screamed feeling so happy , this type of happiness I’ve only felt with Kian.

“Do you love music”I asked Kian once the song ended.

“yes”He nodded mirroring my smiling face which made smile more.

Some hours later we had reach the museum and we were going through the artifact used during the world war when Kian had to answer a call so I took the liberty to walk around .

““Such a pretty prey all alone”

“oh my God you startled me” I said holding my chest.

“Sorry darling didn’t mean to” He said closing in on me when all of a sudden it felt like the world was turning upside down and everything was hazy and I was seeing horns and black eyes.

“Ahhhhhhhh…. I screamed realizing that I was no longer inside the museum but outside in God knows where and the man before me had suddenly turn into a monster.

“Stop shouting darling no one can hear you , humans are stupid like that ”The monster said smiling.

Humans what is he talking about who is he I thought my heart beating too fast with fright.

“I want to taste you, you smell too pure and enticing for me not too”

“Stay away from me what do you want”I shouted taking a step backwards my body shaking real bad

“From how pure you are you must be from light crescent clan but which rank an ambassador or what”He questioned looking at me with amusement.

“I don’t understand what you are saying please leave me ”

“I can’t, just too enticing to let you be I must taste you ”He said grabbing my neck


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