Chapter Fourteen – Fated(Fated#1)

“Am sorry I failed to protect you”

“What do you mean ” I asked looking up at Kian.

“Nothing just forget it ”

“Okay” I said seeing how agitated he was . “But I want you to promise me something ”

“what”He asked releasing me from his hug and I instantly felt the heat loss from his body.

“That you won’t keep on ignoring me”

Smiling softly “I won’t ignore krystarr Scott anymore” He promised.

“But why were you ignoring me ” I asked but all I got was him shaking his head as if asking me to stop probing.

“How did you find me and where are we”I asked

“we are at the back of the museum and I just knew that you were here”Kian answered looking away from me

“Okay ” I said even though i did not believe him.

“come on let’s go home”Kian said dragging me away from there but my mind was still thinking and asking questions which I could not answer.
The ride home was silent , too silent, as we both had our mind on other things but one thing that kept me on a state of contact excitement and nervousness was that Kian was holding my hands with one hand and driving with the other.

“Am switching on the radio” I said shyly

Kian looked at me smiling which made me to blush harder. Anne Marie came on 2002 singing from the radio I turned up the volume to sing along with her ,which gave me intense joy. Kian joined me singing softly which made me to smile wider . It seems as if the trip wasn’t too bad it would have been better if that accident did not take place but I refuse to think about it. Shaking my head to clear all irrelevant thoughts.


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