Chapter Thirteen – Fated(Fated#1)

We live in a generation of not being in love and not being together but we make sure it feels like we are together.

“krystarr” Kian shouted kicking the man away from me

“What is darkness and light doing together. You can share her with me brother after all we are family”

“Stay away from her” Kian said to the man looking fearless. The man disappeared into thin air making me feel scared .

“Are you fine kystarr”kian asked making the tears I’ve been holding to fall

“What was that” I asked in between my tears hiccuping

“It was nothing forget it”He said refusing to look at me

“You always keep things from me ”I shouted pushing him away my anger Getting the best of me.

“Just forget it”

“Just tell me,it not something I can forget I just saw a monster who wanted to taste me or something so you better tell me.

“Am sorry I can’t” He answered shaking his head.

“Why can’t you”
“I just can’t, please just let it go”Kian said enveloping me in his arms and hugging me tight.

“I was so scared , I thought something bad had happened to you”Kian said hugging me tighter. My heart shook when I heard those words from him.

“Am sorry I failed to protect you”

“What do you mean ” I asked looking up at Kian.


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