Chapter Fifteen – Fated (Fated#1)

Stay Gold – BTS

The next day Kian picked me up from my house thankfully my mom wasn’t around as her work demanded most of her time, when we got to school he held my hands as we walked down the hallway which made people to look at us , I was so shy and excited since it was the first time I was dating someone, I felt excited but kept asking myself if we were dating and also what my feelings towards Kian was and his towards me . Everything was just too confusing, it all happened very fast. Last night I could not sleep very well because i kept thinking about that man and what he said about crescent planet , it was just so annoying and confusing and Kian is not saying anything about the matter.

“krystarr, we have the same class this morning” Kian voice pulled me out from whatever I was thinking of.

“Oh okay ” I answered absentmindedly

“ so let’s go in” Kian said pointing at the classroom and laughing.

“Okay ” I said blushing and running into the class.


On my way to my locker I saw luke waving at me so I waved back since I was still glowing in happiness.

“krystarr how are you doing”

“I’m fine and you”

“I’m good so I heard rumors about you and kian”

“Oh” I answered feeling surprised

“Is it true” luke asked tugging his hair.

“I don’t know” I said confusedly

“Sorry I have something to do” I said running to the restroom without seeing the expression on Luke’s face.


Well I did say the truth,I don’t know what’s going on between me and Kian, he hasn’t asked me out or anything.

“Krystarr wait up, can I drop you off at home and can we also finalize on the project.”
“Yes” hooray I screamed in my head doing a little happy dance when I realize we were going to be alone at my home not as if we hadn’t been together but now we recognize the feelings between us.
“krystarr are you okay ”kian asked with a worried face shaking me gently.
“Am fine”
“okay, let’s go”He said taking my bag from me.
“No need ” I said trying to take the bag away from him but I received no answer as he walked outside the school.


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