What you have now hold it tight and what you have later hold it tighter.

P.s I’ve been so busy writing this new romance novel. I just couldn’t get the idea out of my head. I had to write it

“Who is lunar” I asked feeling uncertain and unsure of myself.
“I don’t know ”He replied looking confused
“But you called out her during your sleep”
“Really” He asked still looking confused.
“i just thought we were…… You know what never mind”
Kian looked at me with an agony filled face “Am sorry Krystarr I gotta go” Kian apologized, walking out leaving me alone I the room which made me angry since I did not know what he did wrong as I could only blame my poor imagination for thinking that today was going to be the beginning of new things. The anger was so intense that I did not know when tears dropped on my cheek .


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