Hi guys,

I know I’ve not really been posting. I just finished a new story and had to submit it. Whew longest days of my life. Anyways just started a new story on Wattpad advised by my friend . So if you love my other poems and book you might want to check this out. Thank you all for taking your time to read my poem, it means a lot to me. I’m going to resume posting Fated very soon just having a little brain freeze. Click on the link below to read the novel thanks.

The title of the book is MY NAME IS ELEVEN and this is not your regular fantasy romance novel. Read the prologue but to read the full book, click on the link below.


I kept on running through the forest as the R-10 soldiers chased after me, I have to escape I must not let them catch me, I have to do it for my brothers but i was so exhausted and I was getting weaker with every second that passed and my mind was getting fragile.
I shivered as the cold wind blew on my face willing myself to move faster as they closed in on me. I was so engrossed in the pain that I was feeling that I didn’t see the cliff and I slipped and fell my head hitting on a rock before landing into the waters and all I thought about was that I had failed my brothers.