Chapter Eight – Fated(Fated#1)

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The next day after school I got a call from Kian asking for the address of my home to which I directed him too thankfully my mom wasn’t home.

As soon as I heard the doorbell I knew it was him and to ease my nervous heart I straightened my clothes for a few minutes before opening the door.

“krystarr” Kian greeted looking handsome in his black hood and black jeans,seems like he really likes black.

“Hello come in” ,I said opening the door wide and leading him inside.

“Nice house ”He commented his eyes gazing all over the decor.

“thanks,we could make use of the table” I said leading him to the other side of the house where the dining table was.

“No one at home”

“Yes my mom isn’t back from work”

“Okay” He said then everything became silent why the intensity of whatever was going on between us intensified so much that it felt like I couldn’t breathe .

“Ehmmmm,have you read about the world war”He said to my relief making it easy for me to breathe again.

“ I browsed about it a little bit” I said gripping the edge of my green sweater

“Oh okay ,where is your book? let’s get started” he asked smiling gently at me.

“Okay, wait here” I said heading towards the stairs.

Some Hours Later

“Okay we are done for today” Kian said stretching his body.

“Thank God” I said releasing my breath.

Kian looked at me with intensity as if he was studying my face , which filled me with much ache ,my chest tightening due to the sensation. All of a sudden he grabbed my hands ,massaging it ,the tingling sensation spreads out leaving me shocked.

“wow” I gasped

“Okay kyrstarr later” He said letting go of my hands as if he didn’t feel anything.

“Okay bye ” I said after I recovered from the shock.


Chapter Seven – Fated(Fated#1)

Meredith launched into a monologue on why she didn’t see me in the morning and how we would be together always and how her father’s transfer to this place has made her happy as we would see each other more.

“I really missed you starr”

“I missed you too”

“sorry let me introduce you to the round table”, She said pointing around as she started calling out their names one by one but my attention had drifted the other side of the canteen where my eyes met his ,it was as if the air yielded to our commands as I held my breath ,my eyes wide and bulging until he shifted his gaze then everything went back to normal. I noticed that the people at his table were the loudest ,they laughed loudly at whatever joke they were telling but he seemed lonely , distancing himself from them even though he looked like the king . I don’t really know why I noticed all of these things, for someone who I had only met twice but still I noticed it.
“Starr” Meredith called shaking me out from my thoughts.

“ Yes” I turned to answer her but my eyes couldn’t help but stray back to him ,Meredith followed my gaze and checked out who I was staring at.

“Starr he is off limits” She said frowning.

“why” I asked my face mirroring hers.

“He is not someone who you should be interested in least you have a heartbreak”

“I don’t understand”

“He doesn’t date and seems to hate girls just telling you so that you won’t raise your hope up”

“ Am only intrigued by him,he seems interesting.” I said trying hard to drag my eyes away from him.


Chapter Six – Fated(Fated#1)

Midnight poppy land on webnovel is super duper interesting (lol).

Trying to navigate my way to the canteen ,I was stopped by a girl who wanted to know if I was a new student.

“Hi,am laura” The girl said smiling at me.

“krystarr” I replied to the girl who was a few inches taller than me ,her hair colour red and beautiful,she looked like a model and had the body of one.

“ Are you heading to the canteen?” laura asked.

“More like trying to find it.” I said smiling tightly as I did not know her.

“Thank God you have me ” Laura said linking her hands with mine before bringing me with her ,giving me a thorough history of the school.
On getting to the canteen I saw a swarm of unknown faces which was alarming. Turning to the side, I heard someone calling my name  which I followed the voice to see a familiar face waving to me.

“Meredith” I called out to her, feeling relieved on seeing her face.

“Excuse me Laura my friend is calling me ” I said smiling widely at her.

“Oh you have a friend in this school”


“Then let’s go together,I would love to know her”.

“okay sure”

When we got to Meredith seat ,she pulled me to her side like a mother hen protecting her chick ,which made me laugh.

“Meredith,this is Laura I met her at the hallway and with her help I was able to locate the canteen”

“Laura , Meredith”

“Hi ” Laura said tucking her hair behind her ear.

“hello” Meredith replied

“come on seat down ” Meredith said tapping at a chair beside her while Laura sat on the other side.

Chapter Five

Listening to “hands to myself” by Selena Gomez.

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The history teacher came into the class to start the lesson where he went off on world war and the after effect it had on us before ending the class with an assignmnt that left everyone groaning.

“Now class i know it the first day of school but the faster we do this, the better it is for all of us. Now you would be assigned into group as i have listed it in this poster am holding, make sure take every neccessary means to learn about the world war, go to museums, theatre and the rest of them but make sure you give me a summary of the world war and it’s consequences. ”The bell rang as soon as he was done with his speech ending the class effectively.

“Class do not forget about the assignment ,the poster would be hung in front of the class and so you know this assignment is to be submitted two weeks later” He said shouting at the crowd of moving students

.Picking up my bag, i walked to the front of the class to see who i was paired with, my eyes scanned the list, stopping at number 15 where my name was written and the name beside it was ‘kian dwayne’ the name sounds familair just like the name in my locket kai, calling out the name put a smile on my lips which was weird again.

Smiling gently, i felt a presence beside me, turning my head to my side i saw that pervert which left me surprised.

“You…. ” I said moving back a little bit. As i watched him i noticed just how hansome he really is, he would put some celebrities to shame, his brows were divinely shaped, his nose high and straight, his lips full and red, then his eyes the most startling black i have ever seen, it was amazing. I noticed that i’ve been gaping at him for like two minute like a fish.

Smiling gently “Hi, am kian you must be krystarr, my partner for the history assignment”

Coming back to myself i answered him quickly “Yes i am ” I said my eyes resting on his ear and noticing the small dot earring on his ears, that was when i noticed his dressing he was wearing a black jean trouser, blue v top and a leather jacket . Also, i noticed a tatoo peeking out from his covered hands completing the bad boy vibe but his character says a different thing like gentle, easygoing, handsome and so on but his appearance says a different thing all together maybe he has a split personality or something.

“Hello can you hear me ” He called out breaking me out from my daydreaming.

“No sorry, please come again”

“can we meet tomorrow after school to talk about the assignment”

“Yes sure”

“Can i have your phone number”

I quicky brought out my phone from my bag and gave it to him.

After saving the number, he said goodbye and left me standing alone in the class, my mouth uneccessary dry, my body aching to hug him and follow him which left me breathless, my chest heaving up and down.

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Chapter Four – Fated(Fated#1)

During my history lesson i kept on thinking about that boy, the one that touched my ….you know just thinking about it made my heart beat so fast, i wonder why he would do so. What sort of pervert is he, so scary i still don’t understand why my stupid heart is beating so fast. The class suddenly became quiet, so i looked up from my book to see a young boy walking in and when he raised his head i recognise him as that ‘ pervert’. Please God do not let him sit beside me , i prayed immediately when i saw that the seat beside me was empty but unfortunately that was where he sat down.

Why is my first day of school going bad, what did i do to deserve this.

I felt someone tapping my shoulder so i turned towards the person and seeing that the person was that pervert and he was looking at me so intensely, my mouth suddenly became dry and an unknown ache filled me leaving me suprised.

“Do you have an extra pencil” He asked seriously as if we did not have a previous encounter.

“ yes i do”, I said Coldly not forgeting the earlier encounter we had. I stretched my hands into my bag beside me and took the pencil, lending it to him, as soon as our hands touched a tingling sensation passed through my hands leaving me suprised again.

“Thanks ”He said taking the pencil from me.

Chapter Three – Fated(Fated#1)

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Mother drove straight to my school ‘summer lake high’ I gently opened the car and got down.

The school was not what i expected, it was really huge quite weird for a small town. I went into the hallway of the school looking at it dull and grey colours, it was so quite plain weird, i found myself at the back of the school i think i was lost. A boy was leaning against the wall with his head bent, i walked towards him to see if he could direct me.

“Hello” i said nervously looking around.

I gasped when he raised his head to look at me, i was staring into the darkest eyes i have ever seen, his hair was also black covering one side of his face. His plump red lips, oh my god he was really handsome almost inhuman.

“Have you had your fill”, He said smirking

“No…….. Yes sorry, can you please direct me to the administration office. ”

As he walked closer to me i could feel my heart beating loudly.

“You stop….. What are you doing? ”

I stopped thinking , breathing and moving when i felt his hands on my breast, my heart beating faster.

“You….. What are you doing? ”My face a bright red colour.

“hmmmmm……. So small like a tomato wonder if it taste the same” The boy said smirking.

A memory flashed with him saying the exact same word to me, which was crazy since it was our first time meeting . I shook my head ,clearing out these crazy thoughts.

“You…….. Shameless” i said kneading him in the balls when i saw him distracted.

“pervert!”I screamed running towards the way i came, as soon as i got to the hallway i saw a lot of students moving up and down the way it should be.

‘So weird’ i thought shaking my head and then asked a female student where i could locate the administration building.

Chapter Two – Fated(Fated#1)

These past few days ‘Untouchable’ and ‘Days of hana’ on webtoon has been keeping me busy. I freaking love the series. One of the best of all time.

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A sign post greeted us as soon as we entered the community, looking through the car window i saw warm and homely houses which filled me with warmth and this new feeling that my life is just getting started.

Mom drove till we got to a big house, I was surprise when she killed the engine in front of the house. The house looked huge I don’t really know how much my mother makes but I guess we were doing alright for her to buy the house.

“Get down, what are you waiting for? ”

“Am coming ”, I opened the car door as fast as I could.

“Do you like the house? ”

“Yes Mother it’s beautiful ”

“let’s go in then”, Helia said stretching out her hands for her daughter.

I stared at her hands for a good 30 seconds before taking in a deep breath and accepting it.

        Today is Monday, my first day at my new school. I stared at the mirror looking into my fake green contact eyes, plump lips , black long hair and my small oval face framing these features, I think my clothes are okay, am wearing a black ankle length boots, a mini straight black skirt but not too short just above my knees, a black turtle neck top and faded blue jean jacket, I think I look hot. I put on a little bit of makeup too finalize the look before picking up my fancy white school bag I made with wool.

“Please come out krystar or else we are going to be late. ”

“Am coming mum” I ran out of my room before remembering my lovers locket on my vanity table and going back to get it. The necklace made me feel safe.

“finally!”, Mother said waiting for me at the door

“Is that skirt not too short for you ”

“No it not teenage girls wear this all the time ”

“Okay let’s go, I don’t want to be late on my first day of work.

“Me too, my first day of school”..
Mother drove straight to my school ‘summer lake high’ I gently opened the car and got down.

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