Chapter Three – Fated(Fated#1)

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Mother drove straight to my school ‘summer lake high’ I gently opened the car and got down.

The school was not what i expected, it was really huge quite weird for a small town. I went into the hallway of the school looking at it dull and grey colours, it was so quite plain weird, i found myself at the back of the school i think i was lost. A boy was leaning against the wall with his head bent, i walked towards him to see if he could direct me.

“Hello” i said nervously looking around.

I gasped when he raised his head to look at me, i was staring into the darkest eyes i have ever seen, his hair was also black covering one side of his face. His plump red lips, oh my god he was really handsome almost inhuman.

“Have you had your fill”, He said smirking

“No…….. Yes sorry, can you please direct me to the administration office. ”

As he walked closer to me i could feel my heart beating loudly.

“You stop….. What are you doing? ”

I stopped thinking , breathing and moving when i felt his hands on my breast, my heart beating faster.

“You….. What are you doing? ”My face a bright red colour.

“hmmmmm……. So small like a tomato wonder if it taste the same” The boy said smirking.

A memory flashed with him saying the exact same word to me, which was crazy since it was our first time meeting . I shook my head ,clearing out these crazy thoughts.

“You…….. Shameless” i said kneading him in the balls when i saw him distracted.

“pervert!”I screamed running towards the way i came, as soon as i got to the hallway i saw a lot of students moving up and down the way it should be.

‘So weird’ i thought shaking my head and then asked a female student where i could locate the administration building.


Chapter Two – Fated(Fated#1)

These past few days ‘Untouchable’ and ‘Days of hana’ on webtoon has been keeping me busy. I freaking love the series. One of the best of all time.

P.s Am I the only one that feels restless until I’ve finished reading a novel.


A sign post greeted us as soon as we entered the community, looking through the car window i saw warm and homely houses which filled me with warmth and this new feeling that my life is just getting started.

Mom drove till we got to a big house, I was surprise when she killed the engine in front of the house. The house looked huge I don’t really know how much my mother makes but I guess we were doing alright for her to buy the house.

“Get down, what are you waiting for? ”

“Am coming ”, I opened the car door as fast as I could.

“Do you like the house? ”

“Yes Mother it’s beautiful ”

“let’s go in then”, Helia said stretching out her hands for her daughter.

I stared at her hands for a good 30 seconds before taking in a deep breath and accepting it.

        Today is Monday, my first day at my new school. I stared at the mirror looking into my fake green contact eyes, plump lips , black long hair and my small oval face framing these features, I think my clothes are okay, am wearing a black ankle length boots, a mini straight black skirt but not too short just above my knees, a black turtle neck top and faded blue jean jacket, I think I look hot. I put on a little bit of makeup too finalize the look before picking up my fancy white school bag I made with wool.

“Please come out krystar or else we are going to be late. ”

“Am coming mum” I ran out of my room before remembering my lovers locket on my vanity table and going back to get it. The necklace made me feel safe.

“finally!”, Mother said waiting for me at the door

“Is that skirt not too short for you ”

“No it not teenage girls wear this all the time ”

“Okay let’s go, I don’t want to be late on my first day of work.

“Me too, my first day of school”..
Mother drove straight to my school ‘summer lake high’ I gently opened the car and got down.

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