What you have now hold it tight and what you have later hold it tighter.

P.s I’ve been so busy writing this new romance novel. I just couldn’t get the idea out of my head. I had to write it

“Who is lunar” I asked feeling uncertain and unsure of myself.
“I don’t know ”He replied looking confused
“But you called out her during your sleep”
“Really” He asked still looking confused.
“i just thought we were…… You know what never mind”
Kian looked at me with an agony filled face “Am sorry Krystarr I gotta go” Kian apologized, walking out leaving me alone I the room which made me angry since I did not know what he did wrong as I could only blame my poor imagination for thinking that today was going to be the beginning of new things. The anger was so intense that I did not know when tears dropped on my cheek .



The cold wind
Blows on my face
Standing in this deserted island called earth

I call out for help
But no one seems to hear me
I try to move away from this cold place but I find myself unable to move

I feel so cold
I can't breathe
My hands seeks out for warmth
But no one sees me
My hands seeks out for love
But no one sees me
In this cold world where all I want to do is escape

The cold wind accompanied me
As I find solace in it
I walked around the mountain
With each step I take
My heart gets a little bit frozen

I see a little flower
In the mountains
Standing alone in this cold world
Looking radiant and beautiful
Just maybe
I can survive in this cold world
Just like the little flower


The shattering cold,
Clattering of teeth
As you fold yourself into a corner to remain unseen

The hole in your heart
Increases by the moments
The gnawing pain
Keeps you calm and awake

Everytime you try to close your eyes
The scurry of rats keeps you wide awake
In this lonely world
Where all you want to do is close your eyes and find peace
But the sounds keeps you sane and alive unknowingly.