“Amino” I called
The stars were dead and silent
No longer as beautiful as they use to be
No longer smiling and happy
“Amino tell me should we shed some tears”
The beauty has been taken from us while we fret over nothing
“Amino can you hear me”
Sleep no more for the time has come
Awake,Awake and Awake
He said,“The earth is my footstool”
Less me who is a tiny being
Little children laugh
your little laughter are the wonders of the world.

Chapter seventeen (Fated#1)

Each tears you shed now are all part of something bigger in the future. Sometimes you find out that you can’t cry out loud and all you can do is take a huge breath.

“Kian ” I called out , “Are you okay”
“can I please hold you for a few minutes”
I could sense the sadness in his voice and it left me with so much longing and anguish so I let him hug me . After a minute or so he let go of my waist, his soft hands gently caressed my face tucking my hair beside my ear while looking at me sadness.
“Kian are you okay”I called out softly almost like a whisper
“Am fine ” He answered taking his hands away from my face.
“Are you sure” I asked
“Yes can we start the project” Kian Asked breaking the intense atmosphere.
After we finalize everything for the project it was time for Kian to go and I felt myself unwilling to let him go.
“Am heading home now”he informed me.
“Do you want to stay for dinner”
“I would’ve loved to but I really need to head home.”
“Okay”I grumbled when I saw that I couldn’t stall time and keep him with me.
“Kian wait” I stopped him as he was about to open my bedroom door.
“mmm” he said pausing his footsteps.
“Who is lunar” I asked feeling uncertain and unsure of myself.


The cold wind
Blows on my face
Standing in this deserted island called earth

I call out for help
But no one seems to hear me
I try to move away from this cold place but I find myself unable to move

I feel so cold
I can't breathe
My hands seeks out for warmth
But no one sees me
My hands seeks out for love
But no one sees me
In this cold world where all I want to do is escape

The cold wind accompanied me
As I find solace in it
I walked around the mountain
With each step I take
My heart gets a little bit frozen

I see a little flower
In the mountains
Standing alone in this cold world
Looking radiant and beautiful
Just maybe
I can survive in this cold world
Just like the little flower


The shattering cold,
Clattering of teeth
As you fold yourself into a corner to remain unseen

The hole in your heart
Increases by the moments
The gnawing pain
Keeps you calm and awake

Everytime you try to close your eyes
The scurry of rats keeps you wide awake
In this lonely world
Where all you want to do is close your eyes and find peace
But the sounds keeps you sane and alive unknowingly.