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I know I’ve not really been posting. I just finished a new story and had to submit it. Whew longest days of my life. Anyways just started a new story on Wattpad advised by my friend . So if you love my other poems and book you might want to check this out. Thank you all for taking your time to read my poem, it means a lot to me. I’m going to resume posting Fated very soon just having a little brain freeze. Click on the link below to read the novel thanks.

The title of the book is MY NAME IS ELEVEN and this is not your regular fantasy romance novel. Read the prologue but to read the full book, click on the link below.


I kept on running through the forest as the R-10 soldiers chased after me, I have to escape I must not let them catch me, I have to do it for my brothers but i was so exhausted and I was getting weaker with every second that passed and my mind was getting fragile.
I shivered as the cold wind blew on my face willing myself to move faster as they closed in on me. I was so engrossed in the pain that I was feeling that I didn’t see the cliff and I slipped and fell my head hitting on a rock before landing into the waters and all I thought about was that I had failed my brothers.



Chapter Fifteen – ( Fated#1)

The next day Kian picked me up from my house thankfully my mom wasn’t around as her work demanded most of her time, when we got to school he held my hands as we walked down the hallway which made people to look at us , I was so shy and excited since it was the first time I was dating someone, I felt excited but kept asking myself if we were dating and also what my feelings towards Kian was and his towards me . Everything was just too confusing, it all happened very fast. Last night I could not sleep very well because i kept thinking about that man and what he said about crescent planet , it was just so annoying and confusing and Kian is not saying anything about the matter.

“krystarr, we have the same class this morning” Kian voice pulled me out from whatever I was thinking of.

“Oh okay ” I answered absentmindedly

“ so let’s go in” Kian said pointing at the classroom and laughing.

“Okay ” I said blushing and running into the class.


On my way to my locker I saw luke waving at me so I waved back since I was still glowing in happiness.

“krystarr how are you doing”

“I’m fine and you”

“I’m good so I heard rumors about you and kian”

“Oh” I answered feeling surprised

“Is it true” luke asked tugging his hair.

“I don’t know” I said confusedly

“Sorry I have something to do” I said running to the restroom without seeing the expression on Luke’s face.


Well I did say the truth,I don’t know what’s going on between me and Kian, he hasn’t asked me out or anything.

“Krystarr wait up, can I drop you off at home and can we also finalize on the project.”
“Yes” hooray I screamed in my head doing a little happy dance when I realize we were going to be alone at my home not as if we hadn’t been together but now we recognize the feelings between us.
“krystarr are you okay ”kian asked with a worried face shaking me gently.
“Am fine”
“okay, let’s go”He said taking my bag from me.
“No need ” I said trying to take the bag away from him but I received no answer as he walked outside the school.

Chapter Fourteen – Fated(Fated#1)

“Am sorry I failed to protect you”

“What do you mean ” I asked looking up at Kian.

“Nothing just forget it ”

“Okay” I said seeing how agitated he was . “But I want you to promise me something ”

“what”He asked releasing me from his hug and I instantly felt the heat loss from his body.

“That you won’t keep on ignoring me”

Smiling softly “I won’t ignore krystarr Scott anymore” He promised.

“But why were you ignoring me ” I asked but all I got was him shaking his head as if asking me to stop probing.

“How did you find me and where are we”I asked

“we are at the back of the museum and I just knew that you were here”Kian answered looking away from me

“Okay ” I said even though i did not believe him.

“come on let’s go home”Kian said dragging me away from there but my mind was still thinking and asking questions which I could not answer.
The ride home was silent , too silent, as we both had our mind on other things but one thing that kept me on a state of contact excitement and nervousness was that Kian was holding my hands with one hand and driving with the other.

“Am switching on the radio” I said shyly

Kian looked at me smiling which made me to blush harder. Anne Marie came on 2002 singing from the radio I turned up the volume to sing along with her ,which gave me intense joy. Kian joined me singing softly which made me to smile wider . It seems as if the trip wasn’t too bad it would have been better if that accident did not take place but I refuse to think about it. Shaking my head to clear all irrelevant thoughts.

Chapter Twelve – Fated (Fated#1)

Listening to Give it to you by Julia Michaels


Yeah, I lost my heart in a love fight
But If I had it I would give it to you.

I sat on the passenger seat beside Kian who was driving, feeling very nervous, since the day he mentioned the trip my heart has been beating fast non stop, my mom almost caught me because of the excitement but thankfully she did not. The air was really peaceful as if acknowledging us but it was too quiet .

“Can I switch on the radio”I asked Kian nervously as he hasn’t really said anything to me.

“Yeah ” He answered not looking at me.

I switched on the radio and turned the volume high as they were playing one of my favorites songs by Elle Goulding – love me like you do .Feeling so excited I sang along with her swaying my head , nodding my head and tapping my feet ,I was surprised when Kian joined me in the chorus his voice was very nice . It felt like he was singing to me as he stared straight at me , I couldn’t breathe for a minute everything was so intense somehow I managed to sing along with him , smiling so wide as if I had won a lottery . When the chorus started again I screamed feeling so happy , this type of happiness I’ve only felt with Kian.

“Do you love music”I asked Kian once the song ended.

“yes”He nodded mirroring my smiling face which made smile more.

Some hours later we had reach the museum and we were going through the artifact used during the world war when Kian had to answer a call so I took the liberty to walk around .

““Such a pretty prey all alone”

“oh my God you startled me” I said holding my chest.

“Sorry darling didn’t mean to” He said closing in on me when all of a sudden it felt like the world was turning upside down and everything was hazy and I was seeing horns and black eyes.

“Ahhhhhhhh…. I screamed realizing that I was no longer inside the museum but outside in God knows where and the man before me had suddenly turn into a monster.

“Stop shouting darling no one can hear you , humans are stupid like that ”The monster said smiling.

Humans what is he talking about who is he I thought my heart beating too fast with fright.

“I want to taste you, you smell too pure and enticing for me not too”

“Stay away from me what do you want”I shouted taking a step backwards my body shaking real bad

“From how pure you are you must be from light crescent clan but which rank an ambassador or what”He questioned looking at me with amusement.

“I don’t understand what you are saying please leave me ”

“I can’t, just too enticing to let you be I must taste you ”He said grabbing my neck

Poem: Mother and Child


So I’ve been messing around with this poem since am feeling a little bit tired of novels which is scary for a novel addict like me. Anyway this poem is for my mom and also all mothers around the world.

In the womb,
You nurtured me, feed me
And brought me into this world.

At One,
I waddled,cried and disturbed you
You stood by me when I took my first step
When I ate my first food
You were the one that fed me
You're all I have.

At Eight,
Now walking
You took care of me
I can't fathom what my life will be without you in it

At Sixteen,
My eyes cleared
That life is not a bed of roses
You showed me how to live in this world

I have learnt a lot from you
I want to be just like you
A beautiful,stong, hardworking,caring,loving,sweet,wise and a virtuous woman
You are my role model
I love you so much

P.s I don’t know about you guys but to me my mom is the most important person in this world and till today she is my number one supporter and adviser. I really don’t know what I would do without her and am grateful 😍😍😍.

Chapter Eleven – Fated(Fated#1)

I’ve been feeling quite sick of novels😭😭 I hope this feeling doesn’t last forever.

The next day at school Kian acted the same way as if we did not know each other but that ended when he came to talk about the group project.

“Hi kyrstarr” He said smiling and I couldn’t help but smile back even though it hurts alot.

“kian” I called a little bit excited.

“So I was thinking for our final piece for the project,we should go to the museum”

“okay ,am not really familiar with the community,so which one”

“the one next town”

“Oh so like a road trip” I asked my heart beating too fast for my liking.

“Yes a road trip”

“Okay I just need to take permission from my mom”

“This Saturday , I would pick you up from your home. Is eight in the morning okay for you”.

“Yes it is”

“Cool see you later krystarr” Kian said walking out of the class.

I did a little squeal in my head, super excited for the trip I hope my mom agrees.