“Amino” I called
The stars were dead and silent
No longer as beautiful as they use to be
No longer smiling and happy
“Amino tell me should we shed some tears”
The beauty has been taken from us while we fret over nothing
“Amino can you hear me”
Sleep no more for the time has come
Awake,Awake and Awake
He said,“The earth is my footstool”
Less me who is a tiny being
Little children laugh
your little laughter are the wonders of the world.


The cold wind
Blows on my face
Standing in this deserted island called earth

I call out for help
But no one seems to hear me
I try to move away from this cold place but I find myself unable to move

I feel so cold
I can't breathe
My hands seeks out for warmth
But no one sees me
My hands seeks out for love
But no one sees me
In this cold world where all I want to do is escape

The cold wind accompanied me
As I find solace in it
I walked around the mountain
With each step I take
My heart gets a little bit frozen

I see a little flower
In the mountains
Standing alone in this cold world
Looking radiant and beautiful
Just maybe
I can survive in this cold world
Just like the little flower


The shattering cold,
Clattering of teeth
As you fold yourself into a corner to remain unseen

The hole in your heart
Increases by the moments
The gnawing pain
Keeps you calm and awake

Everytime you try to close your eyes
The scurry of rats keeps you wide awake
In this lonely world
Where all you want to do is close your eyes and find peace
But the sounds keeps you sane and alive unknowingly.


I don't want to hold myself back
I want to become the best
But the thing is am too lazy
Am too lazy to apply myself.

Yes you,
You standing there lamenting
You standing there looking pitiful
Why do you sit still?
Why can't you get up and walk
If you can't walk then run
And if you can't run then crawl
Keep on moving until you reach your goal.

When I was about to create my blog and post my novels, I was nervous and scared(truthfully) but I felt that if I did not try I would never find out if I was good and if I never try I would never know what I did wrong. Of course alot of people would say shit about you but the main purpose is achieving your goals or trying to achieve it.

Don’t give a damn to the world because it would always have something to say .

Poem: Mother and Child


So I’ve been messing around with this poem since am feeling a little bit tired of novels which is scary for a novel addict like me. Anyway this poem is for my mom and also all mothers around the world.

In the womb,
You nurtured me, feed me
And brought me into this world.

At One,
I waddled,cried and disturbed you
You stood by me when I took my first step
When I ate my first food
You were the one that fed me
You're all I have.

At Eight,
Now walking
You took care of me
I can't fathom what my life will be without you in it

At Sixteen,
My eyes cleared
That life is not a bed of roses
You showed me how to live in this world

I have learnt a lot from you
I want to be just like you
A beautiful,stong, hardworking,caring,loving,sweet,wise and a virtuous woman
You are my role model
I love you so much

P.s I don’t know about you guys but to me my mom is the most important person in this world and till today she is my number one supporter and adviser. I really don’t know what I would do without her and am grateful 😍😍😍.