Chapter Four – Fated(Fated#1)

During my history lesson i kept on thinking about that boy, the one that touched my ….you know just thinking about it made my heart beat so fast, i wonder why he would do so. What sort of pervert is he, so scary i still don’t understand why my stupid heart is beating so fast. The class suddenly became quiet, so i looked up from my book to see a young boy walking in and when he raised his head i recognise him as that ‘ pervert’. Please God do not let him sit beside me , i prayed immediately when i saw that the seat beside me was empty but unfortunately that was where he sat down.

Why is my first day of school going bad, what did i do to deserve this.

I felt someone tapping my shoulder so i turned towards the person and seeing that the person was that pervert and he was looking at me so intensely, my mouth suddenly became dry and an unknown ache filled me leaving me suprised.

“Do you have an extra pencil” He asked seriously as if we did not have a previous encounter.

“ yes i do”, I said Coldly not forgeting the earlier encounter we had. I stretched my hands into my bag beside me and took the pencil, lending it to him, as soon as our hands touched a tingling sensation passed through my hands leaving me suprised again.

“Thanks ”He said taking the pencil from me.


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