Chapter sixteen-(Fated#1)

Today I learnt that failure is not the opposite of success but part of it, you just have to keep trying.

Some Minutes Later
Kian parked in front of my house and stepped down from his car and I did the same then he walked me to my front door and we stood there staring at each other.
“Do you want to come in”I asked holding the door opened.
“Yes” he answered
“So let’s study in my room ” I said feeling awkward.
“Okay, is your mom not around”
“she is at her work place”
“It seems as if she is always busy”
“Yes her work keeps her busy” I said walking up the stairs.
“What about your dad” Kian asked making me to pause.
“i don’t know,he was never part of my life” I replied looking nonchalant.
“Don’t you miss him don’t you feel lonely”
I shrugged since I did not know the appropriate answer for that question.
“You can sit on the bed am going to freshen up”
“okay” Kian answered looking around the room and smiling.
“what?” I asked wanting to know what was amusing him .
“ I was thinking your room would be girly but strangely it not .”
“I love it like this ive never been one for pink and purple I guess”.
“you must love white alot since almost everything in the room is white ranging from the color of your room to your bed covers the only thing blace is that vase on your vanity table and your reading desk.
“I love white ”I said to him smiling as I walked across him to my en-suite bathroom.
After a while I came out to find Kian napping which was sight to behold and I couldn’t stop my feet as it carried me to sit on the bed beside Kian. I stared at his face with much emotion, I really did not know what was happening to me and it was all because of him Kian, I wanted to hug him, love him and do so many things with him.

My feelings for him were just too confusing and I did not know what to do about it. I only met Kian of recent and all of a sudden am interested in him , maybe he has something to do with my dreams .
“lunar” Kian called out hoarsely
“uhmm” I muttered feeling confused as he called out another person’s name.
“krystarr” Kian called out once again hugging me. It was as if time had stop for the both of us and I just couldn’t believe what was happening,my brain froze and all I could think about was Kian hands on my waist , his hot breath on my neck.


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