Chapter seventeen (Fated#1)

Each tears you shed now are all part of something bigger in the future. Sometimes you find out that you can’t cry out loud and all you can do is take a huge breath.

“Kian ” I called out , “Are you okay”
“can I please hold you for a few minutes”
I could sense the sadness in his voice and it left me with so much longing and anguish so I let him hug me . After a minute or so he let go of my waist, his soft hands gently caressed my face tucking my hair beside my ear while looking at me sadness.
“Kian are you okay”I called out softly almost like a whisper
“Am fine ” He answered taking his hands away from my face.
“Are you sure” I asked
“Yes can we start the project” Kian Asked breaking the intense atmosphere.
After we finalize everything for the project it was time for Kian to go and I felt myself unwilling to let him go.
“Am heading home now”he informed me.
“Do you want to stay for dinner”
“I would’ve loved to but I really need to head home.”
“Okay”I grumbled when I saw that I couldn’t stall time and keep him with me.
“Kian wait” I stopped him as he was about to open my bedroom door.
“mmm” he said pausing his footsteps.
“Who is lunar” I asked feeling uncertain and unsure of myself.


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