Chapter Nine – Fated(Fated#1)

Three days later in my new school ,I was filling in quite nicely. I’ve made strong bonds with Laura , Meredith and a new friend of ours lorrel. Kian hasn’t said a word to me since that day in class and he keeps on ignoring me which makes me angry.urrgggh I don’t know why am thinking about him again.

“Hello” A young handsome boy with light brown hair greeted me disrupting me from my thoughts.

“Hi”I replied

“Am luke” He said smiling


“we had a class together .”

“Oh ”

“Yeah so would you like to grab a bite with me after school in the evening”

“ummmmh okay” I shrugged,It’s just a bite nothing more and I would love to make more friends.

“okay later” Luke said grabbing my hands,I was kind of disappointed when I didn’t feel any tingling sensation.

I turned my head backwards because of an intense feeling,my eyes met Kian’s staring at me intensely and eyeing our hands which made me let go quickly as if I was quilty.

“okay ”Luke said returning back to his seat.

Some Hours Later

“So what do you want”Luke asked me

“Hamburger is fine and a bottle of coke”I answered staring outside the window

“okay”Luke said ordering for us. My mind wasn’t really here I was still wondering why Kian stared at me so seriously.

“So how are you coping in class”

“Quite well”

“That’s good ,are the boys disturbing you”

“No everyone is nice to me ”

“That’s good he said shaking his head”

The meal passed quickly and soon he was dropping me off at my house

“So I enjoyed myself”

“yeah me too” I said sincerely

“So would you like to go on a date with me”

“uhhhhm”I mumured, shaking my head lightly.

“No don’t answer now maybe later”

“Okay” I answered softly.

“Thank you, Goodnight”He said holding my hands.

“Goodnight” I waved at him as I watched him enter his car and drive away.
Some minutes later I was still standing outside my door staring densely at the sky.

“Did you really enjoy his company so much that you are now mesmerized” A voice said beside me

“Hey” I screamed clutching my chest . Turning to the sound of the voice.


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